stop supporting Illuminati slaughter houses

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A typical look at the happy lives of the farm critters, I love meat.

This dude makes a lot of good points and reveals one of the biggest keys to fighting the New World Order: freeing yourself spiritually by excluding dead flesh.

Now even if you're an Atheist or you just don't believe in a God, a higher power, spirituality, souls or whatever... even if you don't necessarily believe that the Illuminati exists or you just simply don't care about animals suffering in slaughter houses, you should however, care about the fact that when eating meat and dairy products you're basically consuming pure poison. Especially when you eat a major brand name factory farm raised animal product. Poultry, pork, beef, seafood, dairy, and eggs have all been tainted by the modern system of Agribusiness.

Here Fox News admits the FDA approves meat to be sprayed with viruses to combat Listeria.

Alex Jones talks about the food crisis and mainly what happens to your delicious meat products during preparation and packaging, mmmhh mmm!!

1998 Hard Copy Special on MILK. What the government doesn't want you to know about milk. Got glue?

Why do you think during the mid 90s they tried so hard to push milk by hiring all these celebrities to pose with milk mustaches on billboards all across America?

If you really want to free your mind, I'd suggest you stop subjecting yourself to virus/bacteria infected meat and dairy products with added deadly hormones and chemicals.

There is just no debating it:

meat and dairy = mental, spiritual and physical suicide

Do yourself a favor: Go vegan and if possible, eat local organic fresh food from a farmer or source you trust(ideally)